Monday, January 18, 2016

Link of the Day: I have never seen a better description of the reality of the United States’ Second amendment, the phony defence given by the gun-owners for the present chaotic situation in which 350 million guns are floating around the United States, than was given in a recent Real News Network interview by Dr. Gerald Horne, Professor of History and African American Studies, the University of Houston, Texas. First, the amendment was designed to ensure that militias could be armed to keep the peace, if needed, something that has been translated into the right of every American to bear arms. More importantly, Dr.Horne reveals the racist and class bias of the US constitution, whose provisions were designed to keep arms OUT OF THE HANDS of African American slaves, and the indigenous people. The provision on bearing arms was designed mostly to ensure that arms only went to the settler class.  Read here the full interview, under the title THE RACIST HISTORY OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND WHY IT MATTERS TODAY.

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