Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Log 254: Brace yourself: four years of Harper majority are not going to be pretty, or easy: we are in for it, and no mistake

Well, this is one of those days that I celebrated in my last entry, when the political opposition sweeps us all aside and bestrides our politics with menacing threats to change the country. I have been through it all before so many times I have lost count.

First, it was Sid Holland, the malevolent leader of the New Zealand Nationalists in 1949. Then it was the appalling right-wing Churchill in Britain in 1951; then on to the lunatic Diefenbaker in Canada in 1957; on to the disgusting Brian Mulroney --- you name ‘em, I remember them all with dread and dislike. And a recognition that somehow I and we have survived the worst they could do.

Now it is this terrible person, this cold, calculating fish, Stephen Harper, who has never made a secret of his contempt for what I call the good, social values of Canadians, who is ready to ruin our political landscape with his fighter jets, his mega-prisons, his slashing of the social agenda that still sort-of separates the less fortunate Canadians from the street corner begging bowl.

They aren’t going to be pretty these next four years; and worse is the prospect that at the end of it he will have so effectively lined up all the owners of wealth behind him, with their mega-media empires, that the brainwashed people, dazed and drugged by their experience of staggering through it all, will renew his mandate as the values of the better Canadians are divided between the two or three opposition parties so as to guarantee this asshole an almost permanent majority.

Even though he is detestable, he could become one of the most firmly entrenched leaders Canada has ever had.

Okay, you say, at least the NDP has come up through the middle into second place. But what the hell does that mean, in practical terms? Can anyone who is not blind and dumb really believe that Canadians are just waiting for a kindly NDP government to step into the breach against the party they are currently supporting to the hilt, this capitalistic, swaggering, antediluvian ragbag of people like Vic Toews and Jason Kenney and Jim Flaherty and Tony Clement and various other detestable and deplorable people? No, the fact is, Canadians as they prove every few years, are not really worried by the drift of their country into a small copy of the worst features of the American system,. They hunger for it, in fact, almost as if they are getting their kicks from seeing all those unfortunate beggars lining the city streets.

Oh, well, call me a poor loser, if you want. Or call me a realist, who can only for so long stagger on with the wool pulled over his eyes by faint hope.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in for it in the next four years. So brace yourself for the worst these assholes can do. It will be terrible, believe me.

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