Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Log 690 Jan 29 2019: Chronicles from my Tenth Decade: 124; A jolly little scenario for you, folks, about independence, legality, justice, and all those great attributes of nationhood we’re always talking about…

Okay, folks, here’s a jolly little scenario for you, relating to the arrest and detention of Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive from China whose extradition is being demanded by the United States.
Let’s for the moment, accept the Trudeau government’s attitude towards this whole thing.
First, the entire incident is a judicial one. We are a country with a belief in “rule of law”, and it is up to the judiciary to decide the fate of Ms. Meng. This is not a political decision, and politics cannot intrude into it.
Second, the government’s first overweening,  and overwhelming priority ( ref. the fairy princess of Canadian politics, Chrystia Freeland), is to obtain the release of the two Canadians who have been arrested in China and are being held in conditions of imprisonment, obviously in retaliation for the arrest of Ms. Meng.
Third, the case is heard by a judge in Vancouver who comes to the conclusion that there is a case to answer for, and that the prisoner should be extradited to the U.S.
Fourth,  this decision goes straight to --- guess where? --- the Canadian Minister of Justice, who, taking everything into consideration, has to make the decision whether to extradite or not to extradite, because, under the law “he or she is the only person who can authorize the surrender of a fugitive to another country.”
Fifth, since politics cannot enter into this, in our system, the  ministerial inclination must be to extradite.
Sixth, but ---- perish the thought ---  we have China’s Ms. Meng at our disposal, and the Chinese still have our two Canadians.
Seventh, the Minister of Justice has to decide whether his overiding objective, the release of the two Canadians, could be achieved by ---  again, perish the thought! --- a decision to exchange Ms. Meng for them.
Eighth, or should he keep his political hands clean, and allow the two Canadians to rot in hell for the rest of their lives, and Ms. Meng to be destined to suffer for her company’s crimes in United States prisons for the rest of her natural life.
Ninth, with the enthusiastic support of the  Canadian Conservative party he decides to send the lady into the tender care of Mr. Trump, and, even worse, Mr. John Bolton, the scarcely-sane overlord of America’s National Security.
Tenth, this is the day when the rest of the world sees Canada as no longer an independent country, but as a satellite of the United States, under a puppet regime. Just  like the Chinese had been telling them….

*       *       *                           *                                  *     *       *
A nice scenario, right? So Canadian…..

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