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My Log No 346 Mar 12 2013 Black snow --- a tough sell for a brainwashed population

Watch Falling Snow Sign
Watch Falling Snow Sign (Photo credits:
Cover of "Black Spring"
Cover of Black Spring

 As the winter turns slowly into spring, we have been confronted in Montreal with piles of black snow, and try as I might, I have been unable so far to convince the friend with whom I am now living that this is a natural physiological phenomenon at this time of year.

I have told her time after time that black snow usually falls during the night, but no matter how often I tell her this, the fact is she has been so brainwashed by the idea drummed into her from her childhood that the whiteness of snow represents some kind of symbol for purity, that she just cannot get her head around the idea that black snow actually falls in that form, and has been so seldom seen falling simply because it is normally a nighttime pheneomenon.

Personally of course, since I have travelled all over the northern parts of Canada, I have had the privilege of witnessing a black snowfall several times.

My friend does not come from a northern country, but has been living in the southern Mediterranean area for almost half a century.  In the town she has called home during these many years, they have, of course, once or twice had falls of snow, white snow, as usual during the day, which has given rise to immense excitement especially among the children. Also, as in other parts of the Mediterranean, she lives not far from high mountains, on the top of which every year, some snow appears in its customary crisp whiteness.

The fact that many books have been written which indicate the existence of black snow --- I am thinking of titles like Black Spring (from Henry Miller, always a reliable guide to the dark forces), Black Imprisoned in US, (although this one may not in fact deal with the blackness of snow so much as the blackness of humanity), and various others that are not far away on the edge of my mind.

My friend thinks of snow as something which, newly fallen, one can throw oneself into playfully and joyously; and I have had to restrain her from doing the same thing with the piles of inviting black snow that have been lying around in recent days, warning her that evil foreigners have undertaken a campaign to increase the
amount of black snow falling on capitalist countries by shooting into the air from drone aircraft their recently  developed chemicals, their long term aim being to undermine the health of our people, and the good functioning of our industrial machine. In fact, this has become such a threat to our way of life that the Canadian government has set up a special body given the task of combatting this extremely dangerous new development, which it is conservatively estimated could cost us a reduction of 0.5 per cent of our production every year. But one thing my friend  has been unable to deny is that she has awakened on several recent mornings to a world full of piles of black snow that seems to have arrived overnight.
This discovery that the problem has been worsened by foreign plotters accounts for the recent worsening in relations between the West and some of the more powerful countries that have so far spurned  the North American scientific superiority that  has placed us in such a strong position geopolitically.

We are all hoping that the younger generation can be persuaded --- as my 80 year old friend has not --- to collaborate in leaving the black snow, which is automatically biodegradable, to find its own equilibrium.

Meantime, anyone who has photos of black snow actually falling has been requested to send them to our Prime Minister.

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  1. As I think I may have mentioned to you previously: growing up in Arvida I did not know (thanks to Alcan) that snow was white until I went away to college! (I exaggerate, but still.)