Wednesday, July 25, 2012

English: Bill McKibben speaks at Rochester Ins...English: Bill McKibben speaks at Rochester Institute of Technology about global warming, consumerism, the economy, and his organizations, and Step It Up. McKibben's book, Deep Economy, was the common reading for all incoming freshman for the fall 2008 quarter at RIT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Link of the day: July 25 2011

Veteran climate change activist Bill McKibben comes up with a remarkable article on the desperate position of the world in relation to global warming: I happen to see it on the very day that NASA discovers that melting of Greenland’s ice cover this summer has been 97 per cent, whereas normally it is 50 per cent. The figures given in McKibben’s ROLLING STONE article indicate we are dancing our way, as a planet, to an almost certain death. Read the article here

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