Sunday, February 13, 2011

Link of the day, Robert Fisk joins those commentators who sound a note of warning about the Egyptian army. Read his article A Tyrant’s Exit. A nation’s Joy, in the Independent, London.

(“…the military's high command are men of the old order. Indeed, most of the army's highest-ranking officers were long ago sucked into the nexus of regime power. In Mubarak's last government, the vice- president was a general, the prime minister was a general, the deputy prime minister was a general, the minister of defence was a general and the minister of interior was a general. Mubarak himself was commander of the air force. The army brought Nasser to power. They supported General Anwar Sadat. They supported General Mubarak. The army introduced dictatorship in 1952 and now the protesters believe it will become the agency of democracy. Some hope.”)

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