Sunday, February 6, 2011

Author William Blum at an anti-war protest in ...Author and radical: William Blum Image via Wikipedia

Link of the Day: Feb 6 2011: American radical William Blum ruminates on the fact and myth of American Exceptionalism. “I've devoted a lot of time and effort to the question of how to reach the American mind concerning US foreign policy.,” writes Blum. “To a large extent what this comes down to is trying to counterbalance the lifetime of indoctrination someone raised in the United States receives. It comes in news stories every day.”

(“But war can be seen as America's religion — most recently Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and many more in the past — all non-believers in Washington's Church of Our Lady of Eternal Invasion, Sacred Bombing, and Immaculate Torture, all condemned to death for blasphemy, as each day the United States unleashes blessed robotic death machines called Predators flying over their lands to send "Hellfire" (sic) missiles screaming into wedding parties, funerals, homes, not knowing who the victims are, not caring who the victims are, thousands of them by now, as long as Washington can claim each time –- whether correctly or not — that amongst their number was a prominent blasphemer, call him Taliban, or al Qaeda, or insurgent, or militant. How can we reason with such people, the ones in the CIA who operate these drone bombers?”)

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  1. Thank you for posting this article, I was recently in Mumbai and there was a lot of talk about Salman Taseer. I realize that it is important to consider the role of the media and the political agendas being communicated in their work.