Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update to Link of the Day from yesterday: American money dictates Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which is tricking Canadian natives into supporting it.

The "Canadian" Boreal Conservation Initiative (BCI) is funded by the American based Pew Foundation, which was established by Sun Oil Corporation, now known as Suncor Energy of Alberta Tar Sands fame. The BCI was one of the main architects of the Canda Boreal Forest Agreement signed between 9 ENGO's and dozens of loggin...g companies. While protecting Woodland Caribou habitat is used in the CBFA as a pretext for the CBFA, it appears that control of the carbon offsets & carbon trading for the Alberta Tar Sands and biomass, bioenergy are the real agenda, which is why Dave Porter of the BC First Nations Energy & Mining Council has taken over managing support for the CBFA from the BC First Nations Forestry Council.

In a major contradiction, the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council who is opposing the shipping of Tar Sands crude through an Enbridge Pipeline across their territory, is accepting Pew Foundation money (Tar Sands/Suncor Energy) from the BCI to host a national meeting in BC this October to facilitate First Nations agreeing to work within the the CBFA.

Indigenous People better wake up to the global economic interests operating throughout our lands and resources. NO TO THE CANADIAN BOREAL FOREST AGREEMENT!

Link to Pew Foundation Boreal Campaign Info:


Link to Sun Oil Corporation, now Suncor Energy and the Alberta Tar Sands:


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