Monday, September 20, 2010

Link of the Day, Sept 20 2010: Lawyer John Rowinski, of Brooklin, Ontario, reveals the hidden agenda behind the right-wing, business-oriented drive to privatize Aboriginal land. Read his article, “Why privatization of reserve lands risks aboriginal ruin.”


  1. Hi M. Richardson,

    I'm a communication student at the University of Sudbury taking an introductory "Original People of Canada" course as an elective. Your book, "People of Terra Nullius", is part of the curriculum. I have to express my sincere gratitude for bringing to light such important information.

    My mother is Cree from Moose Factory and the teachings past down from her are powerful yet limited. I've always had great respect for the Cree culture(and other aboriginal cultures)but still feel very disconnected from those roots.

    I spent time in Mexico with some Nahuatls in the state of Morelos and realised how poor and empty my own life feels in comparison.

    I've also spent time in Northern Quebec (somewhere on the gravel road up to Brisee...LG1-3)in a goose camp. We were visiting my step-father's family in Chisasibi on the James Bay coast. I can relate to the "feeling at home in the bush" part in your book. Very interesting since I am a french, white skinned, blue eyed, freckled woman from Moonbeam, Ontario.

    I've been to Armstrong (my husband worked for CNR) about 10 years ago wearing a naive pair of 19 year old eyes. I hope to return one day and really see it this time.

    So many stories in your book I can relate to from stories passed down from my mother. I'm growing with much more understanding thanks, in great part, to your work which I've just recently been awakened to.

    I wasn't sure when I started my program what was leading me to the public communication world but I think I'm starting to get a much clearer picture.


  2. Dear Roxanne
    To receive comments such as you have just made makes writing books worthwhile, and I thank you for it most sincerely.