Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Link of the day, March 20 2019: Another Take on the Crisis in Venezuela, article by noted UN expert, should be wake-up call to Canada, now on its jerking knees in obeisance before Trump

Here is a calm, alternative view of the situation in Venezuela, written by a noted international Human Rights expert, Alfred de Zayas,  who went to Venezuela as a UN rapporteur in 2017. His story throws doubt on the knee-jerk reaction of Canada's Foreign Minister and Prime Minister in following unquestioningly the Trump government's attempt to destabilize the elected government of that country, which is merely the latest in many years of efforts by the US to get rid of the socialist Bolivarian revolution that transformed the lives of  Venezuela's poor under the previous leader Hugo Chavez. Read the article, Another Take on the Crisis in Venezuela, by de Zayas, former UNofficial, now law professor at Geneva School of Diplomacy, published on March12 in the Havana Times

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