Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Link of the day, September 5 2017: “US foreign policy as bellicose as ever.”

IN an article entitled US foreign policy as bellicose as ever, that seems to me to describe a rational person’s view of American foreign policy, Serge Halimi, director  of the admirable Le Monde Diplomatique of Paris,  draws attention to the hysteria that appears to grip the US media as a whole, and different sections of the US political class, which has embarked on an unaccountable anti-Russia mindset, and also appears  to have settled on a policy of removing Trump from office by hook or by crook.  Among other things Halimi quotes with approval a republican member of Congress who broke the silence when he said that ‘The United States has been involved in one way or another in 81 different elections since World War II. That doesn’t include coups or the regime changes, some tangible evidence where we have tried to affect an outcome to our purpose. Russia has done it some 36 times.’ “This perspective rarely disturbs the New York Times’s fulminations against Moscow’s trickery,” Halimi says. I urge readers to take in the article here.

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