Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Log 479 June 23 2015: Link of the Day: The Wealth-owners bully the Greeks into continuing poverty, as they insist on more of the same failed remedies: read this link and weep.

English: Constituency for the European Parliam...
Constituency for the European Parliament election in 2009  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The way I see it, the struggle between Greece and the Troika --- the European Commission, the European Central Bank, whose leader is a former Goldman Sachs man (nuf sed!), and the IMF --- controllers of the money in the world of capitalism, is a struggle by these Masters of the Universe to insist that there is no alternative to the capitalist way of running an economy, or even of choosing a government; a struggle between the ordinary people of Europe, and the Wealth-owners who control everything.  This is my way of viewing it, but who am I?  A mere scribbler, ignorant in economic theory, and viscerally opposed to the control of globe by the Wealth-owners. So here is a superb article from today’s  The Guardian  by a young man called Aditya Chakrabortty,who says the Eurozone has failed, and it has not only failed the Greek people, but the Germans and all other Europeans, whose standard of living has been stalled for years. In the same issue the newspaper’s economics editor, Larry Elliott, says the economic plan of Greece’s creditors is  “illiterate and doomed to fail.”

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