Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Paris Climate Talks and the Failure of States

Gabriel Levy

LINK OF THE DAY, Mar 11 2015: The States of the world, along with the United Nations, have already given up hope that the climate summit in Paris next December will put the world on-track to achieving the necessary limit of a 2 degrees C increase in global temperature to levels above pre-industrial. Until now this figure has been accepted by the international community as the objective for the world.
 Some states, such as the United States and China have already set their objectives, and an analysis of all such objectives indicates that the projected rise will be between 3 and 3.5 degrees  compared with the disastrous 4 to 5 degrees that would occur with “business as usual.” Diplomats who have worked on achieving this failure are full of unacceptable bromides about being on the right track. For more detail on this tremendously important analysis, see the article by Gabriel Levy in Socialist Project, E-Bulletin No. 1087, just published, under the title The Paris Climate Talks and the Failure of States

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