Monday, January 3, 2011

Link of the Day: Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez, an article in Information Clearing House by Mike Whitney. In Chavez's Venezuela the basic needs of ordinary working people take precedent over the profiteering of cutthroat banksters. Is it any wonder why Washington hates him?

(“The details of Chavez's efforts have been largely omitted in the U.S. media where he is regularly demonized as a "leftist strongman" or a dictator. The media refuses to acknowledge that Chavez has narrowed the income gap,eliminated illiteracy, provided health care for all Venezuelans, reduced inequality, and raised living standards across the board. While Bush and Obama were expanding their foreign wars and pushing through tax cuts for the rich, Chavez was busy improving the lives of the poor and needy while ending off the latest wave of US aggression.

(“Washington despises Chavez because he is unwilling to hand over Venezuela's vast resources to corporate elites and bankers. That's why the Bush administration tried to depose Chavez in a failed coup attempt in 2002, and that's why the smooth-talking Obama continues to launch covert attacks on Chavez today. Washington wants regime change so it can install a puppet who will hand over Venezuela's reserves to big oil while making life hell for working people.”)

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